Now What?

As I embark on this new adventure with God, I have decided to do something different, something ancient. I have sensed a calling from the Lord to step out of the boat.  I haven’t abandoned ship because of the storm or the rough seas. Like Peter, I heard Jesus say “come,” to experience Him in a new way. I have opted out of the institutional church; not in protest or bitterness, but spiritual necessity.

I am not alone; a faithful band of brothers and sisters asked me to walk with them. “Origins,” a simple church, was born. Our first worship gathering was last night. We broke bread together. Actually we had Taco Soup, but you get the idea. We sang and prayed together. Then we finished up with a discussion series on life lessons from Peter. You can engage in this discussion titled, “OK, We’re Out of the Boat! Now What?” at

It is exciting to look into the face of Christ and step out. Thank God, when I focus on the storm, He will immediately reach out, take my hand, and rescue me.

(see Matthew 14 for the first hand account of Peter’s experience)