Let Jesus Win This One!

First – read this article.

Kelley: Southern Baptists are the new Methodists

Wow! Kelley is right when he says “we don’t know who we are.” The truth is we have spent the last 50 years making sure people know what we are against. I would be deeply saddened if our denominational solution is anchored in returning to our prominence as the moral authority we were in the 50’s. Rolling up our sleeves, beating down our flesh, and marching out to fight for our right to make the rules will only widen the chasm between Southern Baptists and those we truly long to reach.

“The conversion of a soul to Christ is the work of the Holy Spirit. The stirring of a church and community in revival and awakening is a work of the Holy Spirit.” Kelley is correct again. May we never find ourselves urging God to bless our works again. It will be our surrender not our grit that grows the Kingdom, and possibly our denomination. I want to be part of a Spirit-led revolution for Christ, not a battle to save the SBC.

The aforementioned has not squelched my appreciation for the positive principles that make up the legacy of Southern Baptists.

We are equipped with the best theological educational available, founded in the truth of God’s Word, in which there is “no mixture of error.” We are blessed to serve in an autonomous body of believer’s who have every opportunity to be culturally relevant through the leading of the Holy Spirit. As Southern Baptists we are uniquely venerated to start a revolution of the heart.

I pray each and every one of you will give up your personal battle and let Jesus Christ win this one through you.

I love you brothers and sisters!

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